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Can I add Coursera to my resume?

Add Coursera professional certificates to your resume Courseras adaptable, online professional certificates can help you get job-ready for in-demand careers like project manager or data analyst. They are offered by world-class partners like Google, IBM, and Meta. Click to see full answer How do you put online courses on a resume? Put Them Where They…
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Is it safe to ship laptop in India?

While there is always a chance that electronics like laptops sent via a courier service could be damaged in transit, the majority of reliable courier services take precautions to protect such items and will offer some level of insurance in case of damage. Click to see full answer Can Electronics be sent through courier in…
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How do you sell and share?

You can use any of the following MTN Share and Sell code: Send an SMS with the following information to the number 777: Transfer, the recipients number, the amount to transfer, and your transfer PIN. You can dial this code: *600*the recipient.s number*the amount to be transferred*Transfer PIN Click to see full answer How do…
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How can I get my phone records from years ago?

Contact your cell phone provider. Your phone provider is required by law to keep records and should be able to provide them to anyone who can provide proof that they are the primary account holder if you have lost the records that were sent to you or are unable to find the records online. Click…
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How do I get a virtual phone number?

You can choose your preferred provider and open an account, pick your desired area code, and start using your virtual phone number. Several free virtual phone number providers are available online, such as Google Voice for personal use.

Is it safe to store tax documents on OneDrive?

Your files are protected by robust encryption while at rest in Microsofts cloud, while being transmitted, and while being encrypted on your device (using BitLocker on Windows computers). They remain encrypted until you choose to decrypt them. Click to see full answer Is it safe to store tax files on the cloud? Put all of…
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What are the Solas requirements to fire fighting equipment?

What is SOLAS requirements for Portable fire fighting equipments on board? The minimum powder and CO2 capacity is 5 kg. The minimum foam capacity is 9l. All portable devices must have a maximum mass of 23 kg and a 9 l liquid extinguisher to fight fires. Click to see full answer What are the additional…
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Does Shopify ship internationally?

If your company is located in the US, Canada, or Australia, you can use Shopify Shipping to assist with international shipping. If your company is located in the US or Canada, depending on your eligibility, you might be able to use Shopify Fulfillment Network. Click to see full answer Does USPS ship internationally? Through Priority…
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Is it safe to give bank details over the phone?

The police are warning people not to give out personal information over the phone, to only use the banks official website when they are online, and never to reply to emails that appear to be from their bank or building society. Click to see full answer What details are needed to pay over the phone?…
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Can you track down a SIM card?

When you contact your mobile network provider, they can use geolocation to determine the exact location of the SIM card. It only takes getting in touch with your SIM cards unique number to locate the card itself. Click to see full answer How do I locate my SIM card? 1. Navigate to Settings &gt. About…
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