Can I send food in the post UK?

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Can I send food in the post UK?

Perishable food items may be shipped within the UK as long as the following requirements are met: Packages must at least be sent 1st Class as they strive to deliver packages the following day, including Saturdays.

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What food can you send by post?

Non-perishable foods can be sent in the mail; however, perishable foods have tighter restrictions on how they need to be packaged and shipped. This applies to items that require refrigeration such as: Meat. Dairy products.
Low-risk Foods

  • Sweets.
  • Pickles.
  • Honey.
  • jams and jellies
  • Syrups.
  • Vinegar.
  • dried pasta and flour.

Can we Parcel food items?

With our international food item courier services, you dont have to miss the flavors or the other delectable food products that you couldnt carry in your regular or excess flight baggage even if you no longer reside in India.
Can I send cooked food in the mail?
Even if a product is smoked, cured, vacuum-packed, and/or fully cooked, it still is a perishable product and must be kept cold. The food should arrive frozen or partially frozen with ice crystals still visible, or at least refrigerator cold—below 40 °F as measured with a food thermometer.

Royal Mail only accepts packages for delivery within the United Kingdom, while Parcelforce Worldwide only accepts packages for delivery within the United Kingdom and internationally using the globalpriority service.
Can you send food parcels through the post?
Foods that need to be refrigerated, such as: Meat, have stricter packaging and shipping requirements than non-perishable foods, which can be shipped through the mail.
What food can you send in the mail?
Non-perishable foods include dried beef, fruits, nuts, dehydrated soups, and fruit drink mixes. Canned meat and fish specialties are also acceptable, as are shelf-stable dips and cracker spreads. Dense and dry baked goods like fruitcakes and biscotti are also acceptable.
Can you send cake in the post Royal mail?
Cakes can be sent by courier in the UK as long as they are not perishable foods that need to be kept refrigerated (although they are on the restricted items list, meaning you are not eligible for compensation).
Can I send biscuits to the UK?
Can be sent (must not contain dairy or be made from animals): Biscuits, cookies, and sweets.
Can you send non perishable food in the mail?
If properly packaged, the majority of nonperishable food items can be sent domestically. For more information, see Shipping Restrictions. For shipping restrictions to any country, see the Individual Country Listing.


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