Can I send fruit through UPS?

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Can I send fruit through UPS?

All perishable food products should be packed in sturdy corrugated boxes with pressure sensitive tape, and soft foam inserts with resealable openings should be used to ship fruits and jarred food.

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Can I mail liquids through UPS?

Liquids may be shipped via USPS, UPS, and FedEx. You must use a waterproof container and adhere to all applicable laws, especially if your liquid is flammable or hazardous.

How much does it cost to ship food?

Food shipping costs on average $2.24 per mile for deliveries under 100 miles and $1.46 per mile for deliveries under 1000 miles, depending on the distance, timeline, and type of shipment.
How do I ship peaches?
I shipped the peaches overnight (their overnight is always two days, either with the PO or UPS), which is as expensive as it gets. I used cold packs in a styrofoam cooler with the peaches bubble wrapped between the layers.

Before placing the fruits in the crate or box, wrap each one individually in brown packaging paper or tissue paper. The more padding you use in the box, the more likely it is that your fruits will arrive whole and fresh at their destination.


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