Can we send medicines from UAE to India?

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Can we send medicines from UAE to India?

Customers must visit any Blue Dart/DHL counter in India to use the medication delivery service, according to the companys press release, and present a valid prescription for medication to be sent overseas to family or friends using the door-to-door express service offered by Blue Dart-DHL.

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Can I send medicine through India Post?

Sh. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Minister of Communications, Law, and IT, has directed Secretary Posts to make sure that delivery of medications via Speed Post is given the highest priority while the country is in lockdown.

Can I send medicine through DHL?

All of the following documentation must be provided for DHL Express to attempt to clear the shipment on your behalf: a copy of the prescription, the drug name (trade/generic), quantity, and dosage.
Can I send medicine by TCS?
Currency, jewelry, bullion, antiques, alcoholic beverages, stamps, precious metals, precious stones, contraband, works of art, plants, drugs, explosives, animals, perishables, and negotiable instruments in bearer are all prohibited items that TCS does not accept as shipments.

Any medication brought into the country must be accompanied by a doctors prescription, and according to health ministry regulations, no more than three months worth of medication may be brought in.
Do I need to declare medication in Dubai?
Required documentation includes a copy of the patients name-assigned medical prescription from the unified electronic platform, issued no more than three months ago, as well as an authenticated medical report from the facility where the patient is being treated domestically.
Are we allowed to take medicine in flight?
Those who need to carry larger quantities of medication are allowed to do so, but the medication may occasionally need to be authenticated. It should also always be accompanied by a prescription on the name of the person who is carrying them. Liquids are only allowed up to 3 ounces (about 100 ml) in cabin baggage.
Can I take vitamin tablets to Dubai?
According to the UAE embassys advice, people are allowed to bring in up to three months worth of prescription medication for personal use and 12 months worth of medication for residents who can show a letter from a doctor or a copy of the original prescription.
Can I send medicine from USA to India?
Allopathic, ayurvedic, naturopathic, unani, or any other legally acceptable life-saving drugs can all be sent to India.
Can I take Viagra to UAE?
Viagra is a brand name for sildenafil citrate, a medication that is not included on the MoHs list of controlled substances, so you should be able to bring it into Dubai.

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Are Ayurvedic medicines allowed in UAE?

Dr. Jasna Jamal, a resident of Al Mamzar in Dubai, was granted the Golden Visa on June 24. Ayurveda got recognized as an (alternative) medicine treatment in the UAE in 2002, under the department of Traditional Complementary and Alternative Medicine of the Ministry of Health, said Pillai.

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