How can I buy iPhone from USA to India Quora?

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How can I buy iPhone from USA to India Quora?

You can pay iPhone custom duty yourself at the airport or your shipping company can pay and then you can pay them. When the shipment reaches India, your postal company like FedEx would run it through customs. once you deposited the money,you will be handed over your package .

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Can we order iPhone from USA to India?

Yes, you can still buy or ask someone to get an iPhone 14 series phone from the US and it will work in India.9 Sept 2022

How can I buy iPhone online in USA?

You can purchase iPhone through, or at an Apple Store. You may also be eligible for Personal Pickup with your iPhone purchase. Personal Pickup lets you purchase your iPhone online and pick it up in an Apple Store. To purchase online, visit the shop iPhone page and choose your iPhone.
What is the import duty on iPhone in India?
iPhone prices in India
First, a duty of 22% is levied on the base price and then 18% GST (of price + duty) is added.21 Sept 2022

Important Information Regarding Courier Charges from USA To India:-

Weight (KG) Price
0.5 Kg INR 2,291
1 Kg INR 2,572
2 Kg INR 3,197
3 Kg INR 4,215

How can I import mobile from USA to India?
Use ShopUSA address as shipping address and ship the product to our warehouse in USA. Once order delivered at our place you will be notified &amp. create a ship request from your login page. Once Ship Request is done We ship the product to your doorstep in India.
Can UK iPhone use in India?
Yes. The factory unlocked iPhone bought from the UK will work well in India. Apple has introduced an international warranty on iPhones, so you enjoy a warranty on newly bought phones from the UK, for a full one year, even in India!
Can we Courier iPhone from Dubai to India?
Yes it is safe to export a mobile from UAE to India through courier. All the couriers offer secured way of delivering the items from one country to another.


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