How do I package something without a box?

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How do I package something without a box?

#1 Wrap It Seal oversized pieces in bubble wrap, packing paper, or shrink wrap to prevent damage or scratching during transit. Place your wrapped item inside a box to add additional protection. If you decide to ship without a box, use plenty of packing material when wrapping and secure it with tape.

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Do you need a box to ship UPS?

Prepare Your Package First things first, make sure your items are securely packaged in a sturdy box. If you dont already have one, you can order supplies online or purchase a box from The UPS Store.

How do I send an odd shaped package?

Take a sturdy cardboard box, wrap and secure your odd-shaped object in it, then, depending on the size of your object, place another, similar box below or next to it. Remove the flaps from the second box to create an extra tall/wide packaging container. Properly seal the boxes together.24 Sept 2020
Can you mail a potato without packaging?
In the US, there are three main websites for sending potatoes: MysteryPotato, Mail-a-Spud, and PotatoParcel. Mail-a-Spud specializes in sending just the potato, without packaging, and applies postage to the legume itself.

A coconut can be sent without any additional packaging because the USPS considers it to be a self-contained unit.
Can I use any box to mail a package?
If youre reusing a box, make sure all previous logos, shipping labels, and addresses are hidden or blacked out. use a sturdy box with enough space to add cushioning for fragile items and prevent items from shifting.
How do you mail anything?
Sending a letter with USPS® is easy!
Send Mail: Step-by-Step Instructions

  1. Step 1: Select a postcard or an envelope.
  2. Address your mail in Step 2.
  3. Step 3: Calculate & Apply Postage.
  4. Send your mail in Step 4.

Can I ship a plastic tote FedEx?
If you go into a Post Office, UPS or FedEx store, they wont turn you away for bringing in a plastic bin because technically it does count as packaging since it acts as a protective layer that houses whatever is inside.28 September 2021


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