How do I unlock my iPhone from disabled mode?

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How do I unlock my iPhone from disabled mode?

If you forgot your iPhone passcode

  1. An alert informs you that your iPhone is disabled if you repeatedly enter the incorrect passcode on the iPhone Lock Screen.
  2. Make sure you have a computer (Mac or PC) in the first step.
  3. Turn off your iPhone in step two.
  4. Step 3: Start the recovery mode on your iPhone.
  5. Restore your iPhone in step four.

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Why is my iPhone disabled for no reason?

Causes of the iPhone Disabled Error
The cause is almost always the same: An incorrect passcode has been entered too many times. The passcode is an iPhone security measure that requires you to enter a numbered password to unlock the device.

How do I get my iPhone out of Disabled mode?

Question: Q: how to get my iphone off disabled mode

  1. Connect your iOS device to your computer and open iTunes.
  2. While your device is connected, force restart it:
  3. When you see the option to Restore or Update, choose Restore.
  4. Wait for the process to finish.

How do you unlock a disabled iPhone without resetting it?
There.s no way to bypass the passcode without factory resetting the phone. Using iTunes, you can reset your disabled iPhone to its factory settings and then restore your apps and data from a recent backup.

If never synced with iTunes or Find My iPhone, then you have to Restore Using Recovery Mode:

  1. Connect your device to a computer with iTunes.
  2. While connected, perform a force restart by holding down the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons at the same time.
  3. When shown the option to “Restore” or “Update”, click “Restore”

How do I unlock a disabled iPhone?
If you forgot your iPhone passcode

  1. If you enter the wrong passcode on your iPhone Lock Screen too many times, an alert lets you know that your iPhone is disabled.
  2. Step 1: Make sure that you have a computer (Mac or PC)
  3. Step 2: Turn off your iPhone.
  4. Step 3: Put your iPhone in recovery mode.
  5. Step 4: Restore your iPhone.

Can Apple unlock my iPhone?
If you don.t want to switch carriers and your device is locked because you forgot the passcode, you don.t need to use the steps in this article. Learn how to reset your passcode. Apple can.t unlock your iPhone for use with a different carrier. Only your current carrier can unlock your iPhone.7 days ago

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