Which of the following business practices focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships between the public and organization?

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Which of the following business practices focuses on building mutually beneficial relationships between the public and organization?

The Public Relations Society of America defines public relations as "a strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics."

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Which of the following is a determinate of an organizations culture?

Transformational leadership and organizational communication tools are the two determinants of organizational culture. Nine outcomes include motivation, organizational commitment, job satisfaction, engagement, job involvement, innovation, OCB, productivity, and performance.

Which chart type can be used to compare many types of data and is thus the most versatile?

The bar chart, which comes in a variety of formats, is the most flexible of these charts because it can be used to compare a wide range of data types.
What is the advantage of an organization that is unstructured and informal quizlet?
The structure is more adaptable to the environment, which is a benefit of an informal, unstructured organizational structure.

You just learned 20 terms, but which of the following facts cannot be ascertained from an organizational chart? informal decision-making coalitions
What are the three types of organizational structures?
Functional, departmental, and matrix are the three types of organizations that best describe the organizational structures used by most businesses today. Each of these types has benefits and drawbacks that business owners must weigh before deciding which one to use for their organization.
What is the most accurate description of person organization fit quizlet?
embedding the culture in various organizational materials like the mission, vision, and values statements is the most accurate way to describe person-organization fit.
What are three characteristics of an organization with a simple structure?

  • hierarchy of power that is decentralized.
  • many groups.
  • joint projects.

Is an example of a source system for a data warehouse quizlet?
The corporate operational databases of a company are the most typical source system for its data warehouse.
What is the best example of a mutual benefit organization multiple choice question?
Business leagues, labor unions, and chambers of commerce are a few examples of mutual benefit organizations.

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Which of the following aspects of the psychological contract is provided by the Organisation?

Status within the organization is one of the contractual aspects that the organization provides to employees, along with pay, benefits, job security, and job and career opportunities, as well as other elements of the psychological contract.

What is the main organizational characteristic of decentralized firms?


Question Answer
What is the main organizational characteristic of decentralized firms? b. flat
Which term covers grouping jobs into logical units? d. departmentalization
What is the process of designing specific jobs that need to be done and identifying the people who will perform them called? c. job specialization

Which type of chart is the most useful for comparing amounts of various things?

The most common type of chart, the column chart, is best used to compare various values when particular values are crucial, and it is anticipated that users will look up and compare specific values within each column.

Which of the following conditions are met when a chart provides readers with sufficient information?

When a chart gives readers enough information, which of the following is true? Data values are provided as needed at each point on the chart. Readers can quickly understand what the chart is depicting.

Which one of the following is an example of an adhocracy organization?

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA): In its early years, NASA, or the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was an example of adhocracy. It was given just one end goal—to land on the moon—and a deadline to accomplish it, and this encouraged flexibility, adaptability, and quick decision-making that helped it succeed.

Which statement is true of a global organizational structure?

Which of the following is true about a global organizational structure? Duplicate information systems must be eliminated in an organization with a global structure to achieve organizational efficiency.

Which formatting guideline increases the effectiveness of all types of charts?

Use unusual fonts for added impact. Use dark backgrounds with white type, not white backgrounds with dark type. Which of the following formatting recommendations increases the effectiveness of all types of charts?

Which factor plays a key role in determining an Organisations structure?

The following five elements—size, life cycle, strategy, environment, and technology—are the most frequently influencing factors when choosing an appropriate structure for an organization. The larger an organization gets, the more complex its structure will be.

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